Our goal is to monitor your hole making process ideally from “Cradle to Grave”.

Once the initial tool is engineered and the process is stable, our staff can evaluate how the tool is performing by the wear characteristics exhibited on the tool when it is returned for re-sharpening. Throughout the life of the tool we can determine when it’s time to re-tip, re-straighten, change re-sharpen intervals, or alter running conditions. These scenarios may be due to material variances, types of coolant being used, filtration, or a coating may be needed.


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We provide a re-sharpening service which enables our customers to return their used drills and have them re-ground to factory specifications. By doing so, our customers show cost savings by maximizing the number of regrinds before re-tipping and allowing our expert staff to observe the wear characteristics and make recommendations for improvements in their processes.   Standard & Special grinds: N8, N4, N73, N126, facet, chip-breakers, corner & full spherical radius, step grinds, etc. (See catalog page 11)…

This service can be performed on all competitor’s tools as well.




When a tool reaches the point when it can no longer be used because it’s has been re-sharpened to its limit, it’s chipped, or misused, etc., it can be sent back for re-tipping. Once a tool is re-tipped it performs exactly as a new tool. This process extends cost savings to our customers as much as 20% the cost of a new tool.

This service can be performed on all competitor’s tools.


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One of the most critical features of the tools performance is it’s straightness from the driver to the tip. Throughout the life of a tool it’s subjected to numerous removals from the machine, re-sharpening, re-installations, crashes, miss-handling, etc. These scenarios will contribute to inconsistency in hole -size, excessive run-out and premature tool wear. Most times as long as a tool isn’t kinked, it can be re-straightened at a fraction of the cost of a new tool.

This service can be performed on all competitor’s tools.


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Standard Lengths include: 10″, 16″, 22″, 28″, 36″, 48″

Prototype Drilling


If the customer has a part that needs a hole produced prior to committing to a project, we can drill these parts and provide the feeds, speeds, coolant pressures, tool life, and cycle times.



We offer seminars detailed to the customer’s specific needs either at our facility or theirs. These seminars can be formal or informal and contoured to upper management, purchasing, engineers, operators, or set-up and maintenance personnel.

In-House Consulting


When you’ve exhausted every effort and went down every avenue to eliminate a hole making problem or you’re looking for some cost savings, it might be time to call in a professional. Our applications specialists each have over 30 years’ experience specifically in the gundrilling field. He will visit your facility, evaluate your hole making process, identify areas of concern, and make recommendations for enhancements to re-stabilize your process and most importantly show where cost savings may be captured.

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