Diameters from .0393” (1.0 mm) to .3125” (7.9 mm)
Lengths of Cut from 5” (127 mm) – 10” (254 mm)



Solid Carbide drills are manufactured as a single piece of carbide. The tip and tube is a single piece product which eliminates the braze joint at the head and tube transition. Thus resulting in an extremely strong, ridged tool. Most small diameter drills significantly benefit from solid carbide drills because they yield the maximum allowable surface footage and feed rates without the whip factor due to their rigidity. Solid carbide drills are manufactured using a new process so excessive lead times are avoided.


The advantage of eliminating the braze joint at the tip and tube transition results in a more rigid tool allowing a faster surface footage and feed rates on small diameter drills.

More Strength and Rigidity
Greater Tool Life
Maximum Productivity and Higher Penetration Rates


Delivery within 24 hours on catalog diameters from 0.039 (1.0mm) to 0.3125″ (7.9mm) in lengths to 10.00″(254 mm), special orders to almost any length or diameter within 4 weeks.

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