Flutes can be customized to specific applications such as machine stroke limitation, to allow for maximum RPM by crimping only the exact flute length needed, or when leaving the remainder of the flute round. This type of customization can be utilized by incorporating driver extensions.

Seamless Aircraft Grade Tubing is used do to its ability to be formed and heat treated without cracks and distortion. This material is formed into the standard single Vee shape or two flutes allowing for the maximum amount of clearance in the ID for coolant to flow unobstructed. The chips are evacuated down the center of the flute.


Drivers are manufactured from various materials depending on the hardness desired by a particular application. The spindles or tool holders determine the locking mechanisms prescribed for individual applications. The most common and standard is a two degree tapered flat in an under-cut centered in the driver and two tapered flats 90 degrees apart with a 2 degree taper. There are many variations as with machine stroke limitations; small diameter deep hole applications require longer drivers (extensions) to enable shorter tip and tube lengths. This allows for maximum surface feet per minute minimizing the whip factor. Many machine manufacturers dictate the drivers OD and lengths depending on their geographic location hence, metric or imperil.

Driver design is important because of the high speeds and pressures used in the gundrilling process. Maximizing the gundrill driver length improves rigidity and concentricity.

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