Drill Masters Eldorado Tool Model “B” Sharpening Fixture


Part #: 107245

The model “B’ gundrill sharpening fixture is the most widely used gundrill sharpening fixture in the world. The “B” fixture is used to sharpen gundrills from .055″ (1.39mm) to 1.062″ (26.9mm) in diameter. It mounts easily on conventional tool and cutter or surface grinders. Any shop personnel can quickly and accurately reproduce the required nose geometry without carbide and diamond wheel waste. This unit is available as stock items and come with detailed operation instructions.



How To Use The Model “B” Sharpening Fixture
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Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder



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 Complete Re-Sharpening Package



DM-E Universal Bench-top Tool & Cutter Grinder w/ 220 grit diamond wheel

DM-E model “B” sharpening fixture

Collet for the “B” fixture

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Eldorado Gundrill Sharpener – Facet Grind Fixture



Gundrill Capacity:  0.039 – 1.575 inches (1.0 – 40.0 mm)

– Precise grind angle repeatability –

-Magnification microscope recommended for drill sizes less than 0.100” –


The Complete Custom Gundrill Sharpening System – AVAILABLE NOW!

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